What is a Chauffeur, and How Much Does It Cost to Hire One?

A chauffeur is referred to as a personal driver who safely brings their clients from one place to their desired location. They are courteous, more professional, and have a calm demeanour than traditional taxi drivers. Chauffeurs mostly work as a part of service and are hired by individuals or families.

Difference between a Driver and a Chauffeur

Many people consider chauffeurs and drivers alike. But they are not interchangeable; drivers transport the passenger from one place to another, and on the other, chauffeurs do more than just drive a person to their desired location.

A few of the chauffeur’s prime duties include the following:

  • Vehicle cleanliness – external or internal
  • Keeping the vehicles maintained and functional
  • Determining the shortest and quickest routes to pick up and drop off their clients.
  • Making suggestions regarding the best tourist spots, food and entertainment.
  • Helping disabled clients
  • Helping clients by carrying their bags and luggage.

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How Much Does a Private Chauffeur Cost
Difference between a Driver and a Chauffeur

Who Would Profit the Most from Having a Chauffeur?

  • Families with children can hire a chauffeur to pick and drop them off at school, social or sporting events.
  • Business owners with so much on their plate – phone calls, checking e-mails and most importantly, handling their business.
  • People who do not want themselves to get tangled with detailing, vehicle repair and maintenance.

How Much Does a Private Chauffeur Cost?

  • The cost of hiring a chauffeur depends on various factors, such as:
  • Type of vehicle
  • The location a passenger is travelling to
  • The duration of the service
  • Expertise and experience of the chauffeur

This being said, the cost of a chauffeur ranges from approximately £50 to £150 per hour or more.

It would be useless and unfair to hire a professional chauffeur only to find out later that you cannot afford the services. Therefore, to make things convenient, choosing the right setting is important. You can consider the following:

  • Do you need to hire a full-time chauffeur?
  • How much experience would you like them to have?
  • What is the degree of their qualifications?
  • This is important because chauffeurs with more qualifications – experienced in handling children or security driving – will charge more than those with fewer qualifications.

Here is a rough estimation of how much a private chauffeur costs in the UK. This will give you an average indication of what you will be hiring.

A beginner with 2-4 years of experience

  • Their estimated salary is around £500 – £700 gross per week.
  • Yearly salary ranges from £27,000 gross to £37,000.
  • According to this, you can expect to pay £100 – £150 per day.

Mid-Level Chauffeur with 4-8 years of experience

  • Their estimated salary ranges from £700 – £1000 per week.
  • Yearly salary from £37,000 gross to £55,000 per year.
  • Per day rate would be between £140 – £210.

Top-level Chauffeur with more than 8 years of experience

  • High-end chauffeurs charge more than £1000 per week.
  • Yearly salary is more than £55,000.
  • One can expect to pay more than £210 per day.

Note: these rates could vary depending on your chosen vehicle type.

Business Class Chauffeur
First Class Chauffeur

What Types of Vehicles to Choose From?

1.    Business Class

Business class includes the Mercedes E-class, and most companies offer BMW 5 series if the Mercedes E-class is unavailable.

2.    First Class

The first class includes a luxuriously beautiful Mercedes S class, including the stunning super-luxury Sedan. It is comparatively less expensive than E-class.

Furthermore, most companies offer Audi 8 or BMW 7 series if you choose E-class.

3.    MVP

If you are considering travelling with your family and friends, a comfortable and ideal option would be a Mercedes V-class, which can hold up to 7 passengers.